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Cheryl Alexander & Associates (CAA) is a partnership of extraordinary coaches bringing to life the best in people and organizations. We’ve become known as the go-to authority for launching top performing women and other leaders of diverse backgrounds into executive positions. We are about creating the knowledge and confidence in people to help them achieve or better yet, exceed their goals. Our belief is the benefits of effective leadership extend well beyond the workforce and include customers, vendors and everyone else holding a stake in your organization.

Today’s work environment demands strong and effective leaders… currently it seems there’s more work and fewer people to accomplish it. A workplace engulfed with increased pressure and stress has created a growing population of disengaged employees. Strong, effective and mindful-leadership is no longer a wish…it has become an undeniable requirement.

The CAA team of certified leaders balance hard and soft skills…we are “thought partners” preparing questions and answers to move you forward in dramatic fashion.

We are the preeminent coaching, leadership and mentoring consultancy, building leaders the prevailing economic conditions call for.

Looking for a full and meaningful life? Want to develop an authentic leadership presence? Wish you could retain your key employees and develop a destination work place? What about professional development? You need look no further…this is place. We are the retention and engagement specialists. We are peer mentoring facilitators’ specializing in developing women leaders. We can design your world class customer care program as well as help with career transitioning. Your unique specific situation will receive our focused and undivided attention bringing you the success and fulfillment you are looking for.

Our bottom line is that we are committed to forging a future where you’ll thrive and prosper. Join us in this leadership movement. Take advantage of what we offer and realize dreams you never really thought possible. Call us today…


Meet Our Team

Cheryl Alexander

Cheryl Alexander

As a leadership coach of individuals and groups, Cheryl is passionate about bringing organizational and individual core values to life in everyday decision-making and leadership behaviors. 

Cheryl looks first for unique talents, values, beliefs, successes, and passion. As a leader, who you are and how you do what you do matters as much as your credentials. Equally important, is what holds you back. Cheryl helps eliminate the gap from where people are today to where they aspire to be and dream of. She equips people to meet the ever-increasing demands they face moving into larger roles, with vitality, strength, and assurance

She strengthens individuals from the inside out while they absorb feedback and diverse perspectives that challenge and affirm their beliefs. The resulting metrics demonstrate higher levels of engagement, innovation, collaboration and personal balance.

Cheryl’s experience covers a multitude of industries and geographies. She is recognized as a pioneer in integrating cultural and gender diversity into executive and upper management levels to achieve unparalleled success. Her goal is to drive a leadership movement in which we all flourish and thrive. To learn more about Cheryl…

Tami Sulistyo


Tami inspires and equips leaders with the tools and strategy to be at their best more of the time, enabling them to achieve the life and career they crave. She is known as a champion of people who recognizes their unique gifts and spirit while bringing them to life.

A pragmatic optimist, Tami helps advance people’s careers through strategic and creative application of their passions, strengths and personal brand. She creates sustainable communities of deeply connected professionals who serve as each other’s personal advisors…thriving together.

As a career and leadership coach, customer service strategist, global effectiveness consultant, communication educator, and recruiter, Tami has lived in 7 countries and speaks several languages. To learn more about Tami check out her profile on LinkedIn:

cheryl@calexanderassociates.com   763-416-4570

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