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“Cheryl Alexander & Associates’ (CAA) mandate is helping you become the best you can possibly be! Whether it be professionally or personally, our charter is to assist you in realizing your potential, and then taking you beyond to become the person you have always dreamed of being.

“Our team of professionals will develop your innate abilities and skill sets so you can thrive in today’s challenging and ever changing work place. Our years of experience have taught us what it takes to effect change, transform realities, and make your dreams come true… now here is the back story behind our own transformation. Check out our testimonials and see what we have done for others… that can be you too.”

Cheryl Alexander

You’re probably wondering how the name Iron Orchid came about. It was during a conversation one day about hard and soft skills…how to differentiate or compare , even describe the two. It made me think about my hobby of raising orchids and how I could incorporate what I learned about these magnificent plants into the day to day highly competitive business world…I thought about how nurturing, consideration, resilience, reenergizing and regeneration were all needed for something or someone to flourish.

It typically takes an orchid seven years to bloom…roots develop, leaves begin, nutrients are carried from the soil to the plant…there is unrealized potential in the new young shoot and it takes time and nurturing to bring it to the surface.

My first orchid was a gift. I didn’t know a thing about keeping orchids alive so I consulted with orchid growers and took a class from a professional agronomist. I learned about the various types, how each required different care and to be successful you had to pay specific particular attention to each individual.

Our first plant bloomed continuously for almost a year; new spikes, new flowers, this was easy. But when I went to repot the plant, which was part of the “care plan,” there were no roots. My orchid had burned itself out…spent all of it’s energy above the surface…all about show and no substance. It took nearly four years for that plant to grow again but when it did the giant blooms and strong spikes continued to flower for six months or more and new blossoms appear more frequently now that we know how to go about it.

These same guidelines applied to the “corporate athletes” of today hold many parallels. We all have to keep moving…constantly staying in motion…trying to stay abreast of the challenges and change.

We need to get into the “orchid” cycle of the three “r’s”, rest, recovery and regeneration. It can be momentary, at regular intervals during the day but, we also require deeper periods of reflection, stimulation, contemporary thinking and regeneration to reinvigorate our movement forward….we need to reinvent and re-energize.

As founder and CEO of Cheryl Alexander & Associates my team and I reinvent our services and refresh our skills constantly to stay relevant and on the cutting edge. Contact us today to schedule a “no strings” assessment and find how we can help transform your reality!”   763-416-4570

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