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Fact: if you aren’t engaging your employees, investing in their hearts and minds, you are at risk of losing key contributors and a significant number of your best and future leaders…Cheryl Alexander & Associates (CAA) can help.

CAA is a leading edge, female owned & operated, coaching and consulting firm. We develop, support and connect leaders so they can inspire and engage the most diverse workforce ever assembled. During the past 38 years we have grown and developed thousands of women and hundreds of men executives, managers and leaders. We have positioned them to capture opportunities and achieve careers and lives they have aspired to while moving their abilities to ever greater levels of performance.

Our experience, guidance and commitment to your success will provide insight and capability bringing positive energy, resilience and agility into your work environment. CAA’s innovative, progressive programs come from working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and small to medium sized companies across the globe.

Whether your objective is personal or professional, if you want to transform your reality… realize your dreams and exceed your expectations you need a partner with real time experience, skill and know-how to show you the way. That partner is Cheryl Alexander & Associates.

Individuals, organizations and women’s networks hire us for:

  • Coaching/Consulting For Success And Full Engagement
  • Leadership Development & Peer Mentoring Programs
  • Executive Women’s Roundtables
  • Making Person Centered Care And Leadership A Way Of Life
  • Keynotes And Workshops

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders and Executives

In the past six years there has been dramatic change throughout the world. In almost every country management is looking for leaders who can commit their highest level capabilities while achieving tangible results. They are looking for leaders they can trust, who care about the organization’s well being and can consistently deliver their absolute best.

You need to consider that in our go-fast, complex and dynamically changing world, it’s the “softer” skills that are most frequently overlooked. The pressures are to focus on balanced scorecards, lowering costs, and achieving rapid results, often missing the human elements that make the actual difference in performance.

Your greatest asset is your employees. At CAA our mandate is to ensure you, and the people who depend on you, will thrive, be strong, and grow.

We achieve this through:

  • Connecting personal and organizational values, strengths, competencies and interests to work and life, thereby capturing the powerful energy of purpose and meaning.
  • Creation of a personal/professional GPS system as a tool to keep you at your best while driving change through daily practices that build strength, mindfulness, and resilience.
  • Building peer-mentoring communities to deepen knowledge, broaden perspectives, create truly collaborative relationships, and cultivate the wisdom of the group so that all grow.
  • Fostering emotional intelligence that transforms the inner critic, generates understanding and curiosity, and builds trust and insight.
  • Tools and practices developed and validated for zone performance, stress relief, and
    health and wellness.
  • Assessments, feedback, coaching and guidelines to develop new competencies and behaviors appropriate to positional changes and challenges. Development of new practices and thought processes that over time become your new normal.

What they are saying:

“During the 18 months CAA was my coach I moved from a Director’s position within healthcare management to VP and then rapidly to CEO of a local hospital.”

“They (CAA) did an amazing job of understanding our environment and creating best in class thought provoking content. Their work coaching our female VPs was exceptional.”

You can read both of these statements in their entirety on our testimonial page. Our clients and partners will tell you exactly what you can expect and what you will receive. Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you exceed your goals and expectations.


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