Programs and Services

Our business is not gender based but the majority of our clients have been dynamic, engaged, authentic, resourceful and resilient women. Our charter is to enable all women and men to have the confidence and ability to maximize their skills and achieve their dreams. We do this by creating a safe and nurturing environment where people feel comfortable and at ease sharing and exchanging life’s moments and events whether fortunate or tragic. CAA’s programs, coaching, lectures and workshops are action oriented and results driven.

We focus our energy and experience on developing leaders that know and understand how to guide and drive their organizations. The coaching and mentoring we provide covers all aspects of business; from high tech to executive suites; shop floor to boardroom. We have been there and back allowing us to relate to and appreciate your particular situation.

Take advantage of our wisdom. Let our peer groups and coaching afford you the personal & professional life you crave…let CAA become your growth partner.   763-416-4570

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