“Welcome to our website section on affirmation. We have talked about how we coach, mentor, build leaders, conceive transformational programs, fulfill dreams and deliver new realities. Now you can read about what we do from a few of the thousands of real people who have actually been through our process. They are leaders from Fortune 500s to individuals who are leaders in their own right who now inspire the best in all of us. They have developed strong and empowering relationships, experienced career mobility, display authentic effective leadership, and have created full and meaningful lives by partnering with us. These testaments to success are on file and are available for review… contact us today and see how we can fulfill your dreams and deliver your new reality.”

Cheryl Alexander; Founder & CEO


“I have had the privilege to participate in Peer Mentoring Circle programs designed and led by Cheryl Alexander & Associates at the Carlson School of Management, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. The lessons learned through the reading, peer discussions and reflection remain with me today, and have changed the way that I lead. CAA provides a powerful mechanism that creates a culture of women supporting each other in their career and leadership journeys.”

Sharon Rozzi, Ph.D., Senior Director Global Operations, Medtronic Spinal

“The coached leadership circles (CLC) facilitated by Cheryl Alexander & Associates improved my emotional intelligence to better connect with colleagues on a personal level. By embracing this new leadership model I have been able to continuously improve interpersonal relationships in a more balanced way including both mind (logical analytics) and heart (emotions and passion). CLC was a very rewarding experience I’d recommend without reservation to any motivated leader who wants to improve.”

Christopher Ringwald, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Covidien

“CAA was part of the development and delivery of the Women’s Leadership Exchange Program at Medtronic. CAA was the vendor of choice. The program was well designed, supported throughout the process, and executed with very positive results. The investment in women leaders remains critical for the health and top performance for so many organizations whether government, not -for- profit or commercial. It is worth the investment to have a balanced, effective team of leaders helping to shape the future of their organizations. Tami was involved in the content, the coaching, and follow-up with the VP Mentors. I have found her to be quite insightful about women’s leadership, mentoring /coaching best practices, and a delight to work with.”

Kim McEachron, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Genomic Health, Inc.

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“CAA draws upon years of experience…they have seen it all.”
“They did an amazing job of understanding our environment, creating best-in-class thought provoking content.”
“The journey was engaging and eye opening and made me a better listener and leader.”
“Tami and Cheryl are top-notch career coaches who consider all aspects of the client’s needs, strengths and interests.”
“Cheryl is insightful, planful and action oriented. She is able to sift through complexity and arrive at simplicity.”
“Her program and leadership challenged and changed my professional (and personal) growth in a way that I never imagined possible.”
“I would recommend Tami to anybody interested in exploring their full potential.”
“CAA provided our team at Buffalo Wild Wings with valuable group coaching and insights into what it takes to bring even a good team up to the next level. ”
“I firmly believe that Cheryl’s purposeful guidance, coaching, and mentorship allowed me to dramatically accelerate my transition from Manager to Senior Level Leader in my organization.”
“From 2009 to 2012, Medtronic has had 54 VP mentors, and 275 high potential women around the globe who have benefited from this program.”
“Their coaching and leadership, our reading, reflection and dialogue on topics that matter, provided a catapult that launched each of us into the future”

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